Rhythmic Stars

Rhythmic Stars

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars.” – Harriet Tubman

RHYTHMIC STARS are all of our Adagio athletes who initially became “inspired” to follow their “dreams” and now have a goal to “reach for the stars”. Working with our top coaches and a sophisticated training plan, our club’s goal for these dedicated and talented competitive athletes is to assist them to reach the peak of their personal performance ability. We provide all the necessary tools to make that happen and we do it all with the mental and physical health and well being of our girls uppermost in our minds. The girls who go through this program excel in so many ways in addition to their competitive athletic successes. They learn to thrive in a challenging atmosphere, they learn discipline, organization and commitment and they develop tremendous personal, interpersonal and team building skills that serve them well through their academic and future adult lives.


The commitment to this 10 month training program includes participation in the Holiday and Year End Shows as well as Zone 3 Championships,Elite Canada (for designated National Level Juniors and Seniors),  BC Provincial Championships, Western Regional Championships, Millennium Cup International Invitational and National Championships (for qualifying National Level Athletes).  In addition, the athletes training in the Rhythmic Stars program will be invited by their coaches to attend 2-3 Domestic or International Invitational Competitions per season.


The tuition fees are monthly and include tax. The tuition fees will be posted to your account on the first of each month (Sept-June) or there is the option to pay 5 months (Sept and Feb) at a time or 10 months at a time (leave message on comment box re payment preference).

A once a season, per gymnast, Annual Registration Fee in the amount of $200.00 will be posted to your account upon registering for any Rhythmic Stars classes. See FAQ for more information.