Rhythmic Dreams

Rhythmic Dreams

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams .” – Eleanor Roosevelt

DREAMS is the next step for girls who have been inspired to reach further and higher.  Through  Interclub, Future Stars or  Level 1, Level 2 Competitive, the girls in this program dream of exploring the sport more deeply and of developing more skills for their competitive goals. Within a wholesome team atmosphere, girls can realize their personal potential. They will develop rhythmic body and apparatus technique, learn Group and/or Individual Routines and be introduced to an advanced training system set up by our professional coaches and utilizing all the latest techniques for developing strength, fitness, flexibility, hand/eye coordination, confidence and poise.


The athletes accepted into the Rhythmic Dreams Competitive Levels commit to a full 10 month program will take part in the Holiday and Year End Shows as well as the Winter Camp, Millennium Cup Invitational and BC Championships (if they qualify/or if they are ready) during each season.


All Adagio Programs run from September through June each season.  There is a 2 week Winter Break and a 1 week Spring Break in March.  The monthly fees for each level are calculated each season and then divided into 10 equal monthly training fee payments.  GST is added to that amount. The tuition fees will be posted to your account on the first of each month (Aug 1- May 1).

A once a season, per gymnast, Annual Registration Fee in the amount of $175.00 & GST will be posted to your account upon registering for any Rhythmic Dreams classes. See FAQ for more information.

Training Uniform:

Any new registrant to our Rhythmic Dreams Levels will receive a FREE 2 piece training uniform from Adagio.  Thereafter as needed, after their daughter grows, they will be responsible for any new uniforms they wish.  They will order Rhythmic Toe Slippers to use in practice and for competition.

Equipment & Competition Costumes:

All Future Star and Level 1 Gymnasts will purchase their own Rope and Ball before the start of the season.  Future Star and Level 1 costumes will be provided for a small Annual Rental Fee each Season.  All Level 2 Gymnasts will purchase a Rope & a Ball and will be advised where to purchase their own personal Rhythmic Costume.