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April 17, 2022  

to all of our Adagio Rhythmic Academy national level gymnasts on their strong results at Western Canadian Regional Championships this past week in Calgary and to Coaches Megan Arnold, Mia Shavdatuashvili, Ashley Lonsdale, Anastasiia Moroz,Cecilia Moreno for all the effort, care and guidance they pour into these wonderful young athletes. Julia Oprea is the 2022 National Level Senior AA Champion and young teammate Victoria Spataru is the 2022 National Novice Silver AA winner. Also to Novice Avis Chan, Junior Lauren Chan and Senior Erica Lee each of whom were awarded event medals in their respective categories. Good luck to our 3 seniors Julia, Erica & Alexanne Lavoie, 3 Juniors – Canadian Champion Angelina Lin, 4th at Westerns Natalie Chin and 8th place Lauren Chan & our Novices Victoria & Avis for ALL qualifying to represent BC at the Canadian National Championships in Richmond BC in late May and recognition is extended to Lily, Sophia, Isabella, Maggie for achieving personal bests at this large event!!! 👏🏻👏🏻💕🌈⭐️.



June 2019


News from Adagio Rhythmic Academy 2018-2019

Summer Camp 2018 was very busy time where in we brought in a Guest Coach to Choreograph 5 group Routines for our National Novice, Juniors and Seniors.  It was very exciting and a lot of hard work in a short period time.

November Annual Holiday Gala entitled “Enchanted was attended by over 500  parents, athletes, volunteers and coaches in attendance – it was an exciting showcase of development from newcomers to rhythmic to the top National Level Athletes in the club.

December 2018 brought with it the first competition for our National Girls in Seattle this competition was a great ice breaker competition to try out the new routines


  • Cecilia Moreno Captured the Level 9 Sr Gold AA and 1st in Hoop, Ball and Ribbon
  • Erin Cho Siksik placed 4th AA and 3rd with Clubs
  • Julia Isabel Oprea placed 3rd AA with a Gold in Ribbon 2nd in Clubs
  • Lily Tang JR A – earned a Gold Medal in Ball
  • Natalie Ching JR A – earned a Silver in Ball

January 2019 brought with it participation at Queen of Hearts in Vernon

Novices Placed 1st Natalie Ching, Lily Tang 2nd AA and Sophia Habibiniya 3rd AA

In Junior Open Julia Isabel Oprea placed 1st AA in Junior Open , Erica Lee placed 4th AA Dixie Cabel placed 11th AA & Alexanne placed 13th AA

In Senior Open Cecilia Moreno Placed 4th AA, Erin ChoSiksik Placed 6th AA and Tiffany Lee Placed 10th AA

I n Level 6B Christina Xie placed 2nd AA  and in 5B Grace Lam placed 9th AA

Shortly thereafter Las Vegas International Invitational

  • Cecilia Moreno Placed 5th AA and 7th in Hoop, 5th in Ball , 6th in Clubs and 2nd in Ribbon
  • Julia Isabel Oprea Placed 2nd AA and 6th in Rope, 5th in Ball, 9th in Clubs and 2nd in Ribbon
  • Lily Tang 3rd in Ball & Natalie Ching 4th in Ball
  • FIG Junior Group A A Champions









Julia  Isabel Oprea  finished JR Comp A in 9th out of a field on 39 juniors and moved into Competition B  and became a Jr High Performance Athlete,  Cecilia Moreno placed 25 AA   and Erin Cho Siksik placed 35 in a field of 44 Seniors.  Novices Natalie Ching  and Sophia Habibiniya ranked 18th and 22nd respectably .Our team was rounded out by Erica Lee , Dixie Cabel , Grace Lam, Alexanne Lavoie, Tiffany Lee, Christina Xie and Elena K with the Junior FIG Group placing 4th AA and our Senior FIG Group being crowned Elite Canada Champions

National, Westerns and Provincial Stream Athletes kicked off the season with Millennium Cup at the Hellenic Community Centre. It was great season opener for all of the competitive team!

Aphrodite Cup” FIG Competition in Greece it was an excellent competition – and an excellent experience.  Julia Isabel Oprea debuting in the Junior FIG category and Julia Placed 11th AA and Qualified for Clubs and Ribbon Finals placing 4th in Clubs and 8th in ribbon.  Erica Lee and Dixie Cabel had their first European Competition experience Erica  and Dixie surprised us with a Bronze Medal in Clubs and Dixie earned a Bronze for her ribbon routine Bravo Girls!!!

On the Provincial, Westerns Competitive front, Adagio Rhythmic Academy took many top placements at the 2019 BC Championships

  • Senior FIG Cecilia Moreno 2nd AA, Erin ChoSiksik 8th AA, Tiffany Lee 12th & SR FIG Group 1st AA
  • JR HP Julia Isabel Oprea 1st AA
  • Junior Open Erica Lee Dixie Cabel 9th AA and Alexanne Lavoie 10th AA & JR FIG Group 1st AA
  • Junior 2006 Erica Lee 3rd AA
  • Novice : Natalie Ching 2nd AA, Sophia Habibiniya 6th AA, Lily Tang 9th & Novice Group 1st AA
  • Provincial: 6B Christina Xie 4th AA, Grace Lam 5th AA, 4B Isabella Tai 5th AA Hailey 10th AA Noeila Lalaj14th AA Lauren  Chan 3C 3rd AA, Selina Lalaj 3B 2nd AA Ella Cao 3A 1st AA


2019 Western Regional’s

  • Senior FIG Cecilia Moreno 3nd AA, Erin ChoSiksik 13th AA, Tiffany Lee 22th & SR FIG Group 1st AA
  • JR HP Julia Isabel Oprea 2nd AA
  • Junior Open Erica Lee 9th AA Alexanne Lavoie  22nd Dixie Cabel 24th AA  Junior FIG Group 1st AA
  • Novice : Natalie Ching 6th AA, Lily Tang 13th , Sophia Habibiniya 16th AA& Novice Group 1st AA
  • Provincial : 6B Christina Xie 3rd AA , AA, Grace Lam 14th AA, 4B Isabella Tai 5th AA Hailey 12thth AA Noeila Lalaj 20 th AA Lauren Chan 3C  8th AA, Selina Lalaj 3B 15th AA

Cherry Blossom Team Competition


2019 National Championships brought qualification of 5 of our National Level Athletes Cecilia Moreno placed 6th AA and 5th in Hoop and Ribbon, Erin Cho Siksik had her highest score 14th place with clubs in Sr Open.Julia Isabel Oprea placed 12th in JR HP Category &  5th in ribbon in finals In & JR Open Erica Lee placed 5th for her Clubs routine Natalie Ching Placed 17th AA with a very consistent  competition

Our SR FIG Group became National Champions

Our JR FIG Group Placed 3rd AA in Ribbon Finals









Our Novice Group had the highest Score on Day 2 of Competition


2019 Summer Camps for Recreational and Competitive athletes are also in place for Adagio Rhythmic Academy at Hellenic Centre 3 week Vancouver Competitive Camp 3 week beginners Camp.  In addition we have our long running  “Summer at Saint Georges” Rhythmic Camp

We finished up the season with our Year End Show & Parade of Champions, on June 15th entitled “Fame” to celebrate all of the achievements of our wonderful athletes, coaches and supporters.

We wish BCRSGF Members a wonderful summer break and look forward to seeing everyone again for the 2019 2020 Season


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