May 25, 2018

Megan, Ashley and Adrienne,
Thank you so much for your for coaching Zoe this year and for your dedication to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.  I see the amount of time, effort and care that you take with each and every girl in your club.  The girls feel respected by all of you and loved no matter what challenges they face.  They come out onto the floor with a smile and they have unconditional acceptance from their peers, families and all of you.  My daughter has advanced so much in this sport despite the fact that she has been involved in gymnastics for less than three years.Her self esteem is very strong and her confidence has improved.  Her overall health is at an optimum most days.  Despite the time demands and commitment to gymnastics, her academic performance has also flourished.

The past two days my daughters twin sister and a number of their common friends came to watch and cheer her on.  The other girls marvel at the sport and enjoyed the performances that the saw.  I have also been pleased that my daguhter has increased her independence over time.  She is able to get herself ready with hair and makeup, organize her equipment and costumes with limited assistance from us.  This was not the case hen she started almost three years ago.  I reminded her yesterday of all of the skills that she has gained by being involved in this sport and how much she has grown as a person.

Thank you again for volunteering your time at the previous competition and at the BC championships.  As a parent of three children myself, I know how your time and involvement also affects the rest of your families.  Thank you again and enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Nancy K


September, 2015
Dear Adrienne, Megan and Ashley

As Marie’s father, it is clear to me what an important part of her life Adagio was (is) and that she considers it her second family. I know it will be difficult for her to no longer attend regular training sessions but she still wants to coach and remain part of the club in some way. And even though Marie is moving on to new challenges and is serious about her studies and future university life, the experience she has had with Adagio has shaped her and will be a part of her for the rest of her life.

So I would like to thank you, Megan and Ashley for all the years of teaching her and being a part of who she is today.

With best regards,



The connection with the club enriched my daughters for life. I, as the mom, will forever believe that if you want your daughter to be confident and graceful, rhythmic gymnastics is it. And if you strive for your child to become sweet, caring individual with good interpersonal skills, independent strong mind and a well rooted sense of responsibility, having Adrienne, Megan and Ashley in their life is a definite asset.

I appreciated the club’s attitude towards child’s development and their caring for the person first before caring for the medals.
With each coming year, as my daughters became competitive gymnasts, they spent more and more time at the gym training. I appreciated how Adrienne, Megan and Ashley always worked with the parents, never losing sight of the importance of the child’s connection to family first.

Adrienne is the most motherly director with such special ability to connect on a personal level. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Megan and Ashley’s hard work and total dedication were unquestionable. My daughters remain friends with their coaches to date and Johanna maintains a connection as coach when extra help is needed.

Simona Vortel, Parent


May 2015

Dear Adrienne, Megan, and Ashley

It is from deep within my heart that I congratulate you and all of the girls on a fantastic year. Although I have not been present to see both the girl’s and the club’s progress, I have had the pleasure to watch the live streaming of Nationals as well as Elite championships. I admire the brilliant performances that came through this year and wish further successes in the upcoming years.

For all the stressful days that you may encounter in the gym, I wish to remind you of the following; I continue to hold gymnastics as the sport that taught me the intricacies of determination and perseverance, along with a confidence for self expression. Working with all three of you has certainly been one of the most significant journeys that I have embarked on, in which I have shaped some of my most deeply rooted values. Thank you tremendously for your presence and your trust, and please remember that to me, and as well as to many of the girls, you are more than coaches, but teachers, mentors, and family.

-Myriam Maude Verly

Former Adagio National Level Athlete, Current McGill University Student