Please see our calendar for exact dates and times of the following Events

Holiday Show

Adagio Rhythmic Academy’s Annual Holiday Show is held in November or December each season.  Exact date and times are published annually and circulated to members. This fun filled evening of music, dance and gymnastics evokes the traditions of the season and the ensuing heartfelt sentiments that always prevail at this special time of year. All Competitive level gymnasts (Rhythnic Dreams and Rhythmic Star), perform alongside one another in this lovely celebration of our gymnasts early season preparations. It is usually the gymnasts first performance of the season and is  always a memorable and exciting time for all of our Gymnasts, family members and our Coaches as well.  This event is held at the Hellenic Centre and it is spectacular in all ways and not be missed – it is always a wonderful and warm gathering of present and past Club members, friends and families.  Tickets for tables of 10 and single tickets are sold 2 weeks prior to the event and all are invited to join in the fun.

Elite Canada

This is a National level competition held with the purpose of re-ranking the top Canadian Junior and Senior’s from across the country. The athletes who place in the top 15 in Junior and Senior respectively will qualify for sanctioning to International Competitions as well as direct entry to the Canadian Individual Championships. This competition is held in February or March of each year.

Spring Break

The Club is closed for the first week of  the Vancouver School District’s Spring Break Calendar.  During the second week of spring break, the Club is open and there is a training camp for all Level 3B to National Senior athletes in preparation for the National Stream Provincial Championships.  Every effort should be made to attend this 5 camp.  

National Stream Provincial Championships

This competition is for our “Rhythmic Stars” athletes.  The purpose of this competition is for all Zone Competition Qualifiers to rank and qualify to represent their Province at the Western Canadian Championships. Provincial Champions in Group and Individual categories are named and top 3 ranking athletes in National Novice, Junior and Senior categories are eligible for some provincial funding to Westerns.

Western Regional Championships

Qualifiers from the National Stream Provincial Championships are eligible to participate in the Western Regional Championships. These championships serve to rank athletes in each age category and level as well as to declare Western Regional Champions for both individual and group. The top 10 athletes in National Novice, Junior and Senior competition plus 2 more athletes per province qualify to represent their province at the Canadian National Championships. Top athletes in each category (Novice, Junior and Senior) are eligible for some provincial funding to be used towards National Championships.

Millennium Cup

Millennium Cup was founded in 2000 by Adrienne Arnold who intended it to be an event that would offer our club’s athletes and athletes from the various clubs in BC an opportunity to compete in their “own backyard”, with other athletes of their own caliber from outside of British Columbia.  It is a wonderful and friendly competition for all levels of rhythmic gymnasts competing together throughout the three day event. The highlight for everyone is always the top athletes from across Canada and from around the world who join us in Vancouver, B.C. each year. Over the years athletes from Russia, Portugal, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Taiwan, Korea, China, the Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico, Great Britain and of course all our dear friends in the U.S.A. have turned our annual Millennium Cup into a spectacular and fun event for all involved.

Provincial Stream BC Championships

This competition is for selected athletes from our “Rhythmic Dreams” Program.  Athletes from across our Province compete together each year at the annual BC Championships which are hosted each year by BC Rhythmic Gymnastic Federation and an appointed host club in our province. This event tends to move around between the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Interior of BC and it is the final competitive event of the season for qualified Individuals and Groups from our Club. Dates of this event are published annually by the BC Rhythmic Gymnastic Federation and the Club notifies its members directly of the date and location.

Canadian National Championship

The purpose of this competition is to declare Canadian National Champions, re-rank the Canadian Junior and Senior National Teams and assign strategic competitions to National Team Members. The ranking at Nationals will determine whether or not an athlete will compete in Flight 1 or Flight 2 at the following year’s Elite Canada Competition.

Year End Show

Adagio Rhythmic Academy celebrates the finale of their season’s successes with their annual “Parade of Stars” and Gala routines at our Year End Show held in June just before the Summer Break. It is always a sentimental gathering of gymnasts, friends and families with all of our athletes performing one last time as our season draws to an end. It is a time of sweet enjoyment and acknowledgment of our athletes’ achievements, our volunteers’ support, our sponsors’ generosity and our coaches’ amazing creativity and work. Tickets are sold in advance (tables of 10 or individual tickets) or are available at the door for this evening of recognition and entertainment by our most favourite performers in the world, our own athletes.

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Summer Camp

Adagio Rhythmic Academy’s Summer Camps are held annually during the month of August at the Hellenic Community Centre on the Westside of Vancouver.  We offer camps for newcomers 5 to 10 years of age and competitive team members aged 8-18 years of age. During the camps we divide participants up into age and skill levels and provide instruction in stretching, conditioning, strength development, core training, flexibility development, body and apparatus skills with rope, ball, hoop, clubs and ribbons. Cross trainings in running, yoga, pilates as well as exposure to discussions of healthy eating and mental training systems to support athletic excellence. Advanced Competitive athletes will be grouped together with National Level Competitors from the “Rhythmic Stars” program. Qualified and experienced coaches and a structured yet enjoyable environment are hallmarks of our summer camp programs. See our Summer Camp tab under Classes for more details.  Participation in 4 weeks of summer camp is mandatory for all Adagio Rhythmic Academy “Rhythmic Stars” athletes.

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International Camps

Adagio Rhythmic Academy hosts international gymnasts both during our Summer Camp as well as during the competitive season. Athletes from around the world are always welcome to come and take advantage of our expert training and quality facility. Many international athletes come to Adagio Rhythmic Academy to upgrade their body and apparatus skills, receive new choreography, or take advantage of expert analysis and modifications on their already existing routines. Since the inception of the International Camps, The Academy has hosted over 40 International Rhythmic Gymnasts from as far away as Hungary, Mexico, China, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.