Whether you’re a beginning or experienced Rhythmic Gymnast, Private Lessons are the best way for you to augment your Rhythmics training.

Private Lessons are all about you!

This is where you will focus on the details be it developing more flexibility, strength or perhaps increasing the level of your apparatus and body technique or often having your new routines choreographed or refined. Since private lessons are customized to your individual style of learning and to your specific needs, you’ll progress quickly. Private Lessons are a great way to either work on specific skills or give you that extra boost in preparation for your upcoming competitions. Athletes who take private lessons benefit from a one-on-one environment with fewer distractions.

Recommended frequency

During the 10-month competitive season, we recommend that our students take at least one private lesson per month as a supplement to their regular training. During the Summer, in addition to attending Summer Camp, it is strongly recommend that Level 3B and Up athletes book 3-4 privates over the summer to complete and refine their choreography for the upcoming season.
We Offer:
• 1 hour (or longer) privates are available.
• Semi Privates are available (max 3 students)
• Privates must be prepaid and booked in advance
• To schedule your private lesson, you can book online or contact Megan or Ashley

Summer Camp Private Lesson 2022  – Contact Adrienne direct at




Private Lesson Options: –

2022 Privates

• One on One Private
• Two  Athletes Shared Private
• Music Fee for Choreography session ($50 per routine)


The tuition fees for Private Lessons  are hourly ( plus GST )