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dani2Rhythmic Gymnastics represents a strong connection to my childhood. A sport I practiced for nine years as an athlete in Romania and for the past fifteen years as a coach in Canada. Rhythmic Gymnastics has taught me a number of skills and disciplines which I apply to my everyday life.
I immigrated to this great country of Canada from Romania eighteen years ago. An event that I realized would be the biggest competition of my young life. Trying to assimilate to a new culture, rule of law, and language. Through it all, I was able to find my identity through Rhythmic gymnastics which helped me find my path.
Romania has a strong tradition and culture producing world class, top athletes in Gymnastics. I was coached under the tutelage of Doina Firica in Bucharest who has formed well known gymnasts including Irina Deleanu, one of the most successful Romanian Rhythmic Gymnasts.
Romania, a country governed by communism, had a strict rule of law. I grew up in that regime and it taught me the value of a disciplined system but more importantly what I learned once I left was to appreciate the freedom to be able to coach in my own style.
My coaching style has a disciplined yet playful approach. My education and background is in Physiotherapy which helps me identify and customize a training approach suited for each gymnasts’ needs which helps deliver excellent results .
Coaching in Canada has allowed me the opportunity to develop gymnasts that always compete, all the while keeping perspective that nurturing and inspiring athletes through individualized positive reinforcement and feedback is what makes the difference in making them feel like true champions. Knowing that good results are the product of the right preparation, hard work and effort is what matters. Being a good role model for them is as important as teaching them to be good, hardworking athletes and individuals.
My goal as a coach is to develop kids into happy, healthy athletes and individuals. My purpose is to help pave their own path to success as great ambassadors in this beautiful and artful sport of Rhythmic gymnastics!







• Former National Level Romanian Rhythmic Gymnast
• Graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy in Romania 1996
• Practicing Kinesiologist and member of BCAK since 2001
• Currently working at Vancouver General Hospital
• Coach of Novice silver and bronze Canadian National Medalist 2006 and 2007,
• Coach of the Novice Western Bronze 2012 medalist
• Coach of Pre Novice Western Champion 2009 and Pre Novice silver medalists 2005,2006,2007,2008 , 2013
• Coach of 2012 level 3B Western gold medalist
• Coach of B.C. Summer Games 2006 Gold and Silver Medalists
• Judge in Training
• NCCP level 2 certified coach